Great (free) writing and homework tools

Does pop music distract you from working? Try using Noizio, it has over 10 different nature sounds that are great for working! I use Noizio for my everyday work or I use Classical music which is also good to use while you work.


Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a great website. My least favorite part of doing papers is putting together my bibliography. 
But I don't want to use just any old citation generator! Cite This For Me is not just an awesome 60-seconds-or-less citation maker, it’s also a plagiarism checker, and it has a Chrome plug-in that creates a citation on a website for me with just a click of a button!
Also you can look up other people's citations so you can get a head start finding the best sources for topics you are writing about! This website is amazing and I use it for every writing project I do!


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is fantastic! Google Scholar is an easier way to search for scholarly literature. You can search for articles, papers, or even books all from domain experts.
One really cool thing that you can also do with Google Scholar is have websites and articles on your topic sent to your email automatically.
If you know you have a project coming up set an alert and make life easier! Let's say your topic was “rainforest reduction” just set that as your alert term and each week you will get emails containing links to articles about that topic.  When you are ready to begin reviewing material you will have academic articles from Google Scholar stacked up waiting for you!



For many, writing essays can be a hard task. This website from Purdue University, called OWL, allows you to go step by step no problem! 

It shows you all the good techniques and habits to use while writing! It shows you how to search for your topic, how to find key details, how to outline your essay, and how to overview your essay!